c06-p20 Open Office Hours

Open Office Hours

c06-p20 Open Office Hours

Petunia has been swamped with so much client work that she can only spare two hours per week to meet with potential new clients. She will give advice to some of them on the spot. For others, with bigger problems, she will investigate their case in more detail. At least this is how she has been doing business since paranormal activity has increased substantially in the area!

c05-p01 Petunia: Paranormal Private Eye

Petunia: Paranormal Private Eye

c05-p01 Petunia: Paranormal Private Eye

It’s been four long months, but Petunia is still here and with a new swanky hairstyle. Her bangs clearly grow quickly ­čśŤ Even after all this time she’s┬ástill thinking about what happened with Tinsel and whatever happened with her hand that incinerated those creepy Petunia clones.

Things are looking up, however. Petunia is opening her brand new office! The business is official. Petunia: Paranormal Private Eye is here for all your supernatural needs. If you’re being haunted, call Petunia. If you’re dealing with some sort of demon, call Petunia. If you or a loved one is stuck between several planes of existence, call Petunia. She’s here for you when it comes to almost anything that science can’t explain.

I hope you’re all as excited for this new chapter as I am. We will be learning a lot about Petunia’s past and hopefully more about who Petunia’s become since then. I’ll stop there before I spoil something. Please keep reading! ­čÖé

Mystic Allegiance

Welcome to┬áMystic Allegiance! It’s a small store that sells various things that relate to spirituality, most non-Christian religions, faeries, etc. etc. They also have psychic readings and tarot card readings by their resident psychic, Julian (AKA Sara’s boyfriend).

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More on Comic Drawing…

It was fun drawing this comic even though it’s very hard for me to do┬áestablishing shots. I often wonder if I should do more of those, especially establishing shots from further away than you see here. Like, a shot of the street with lots of other people walking around. I love drawing characters and faces so much. I rarely would draw anything else as a teen. That has made it a struggle to plan out big scenes. I also have trouble with movement and body positions. I can draw them pretty well from life or looking at pictures, but I am trying to take as much out of my head as possible for this comic. I’m practicing a lot, so hopefully I will get a lot better at the things I’m not happy with.

Graphic Novels and Inspiration

I have a bunch of ideas for graphic novels I want to write/draw in the future, so I hope Petunia will help me grow into my ideal style. Big inspirations for me are Eddie Campbell (you might be able to tell), Hideki Mori, and Jeff Lemire. I also have learned a lot from Scott McCloud. My awesome brother and sister-in-law got me a couple of his books about making comics, and they are very helpful. If you have any interest in drawing comics, I would highly suggest┬áMaking Comics and Understanding Comics. I have also gotten some recommendations from other comic artist friends, but┬áhave yet to check┬áthat stuff out yet. I’ll be sure to tell you about it after I experience it.

I hope you like this page of Paranormal Petunia. I’m excited to show you what happens next.┬áThank you to everyone who has been reading. It means a lot!