Hey – I’m making a change to my posting schedule. I’ve just been so overworked lately and my creativity has been suffering. I think I am going to try updating weekly for the time being (instead of twice per week). I’ll be posting a new page on Saturdays starting this week. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll also be posting one of my other comics on Tuesdays on Twitter and Instagram as well as releasing a new piece of music on Indie Music Box on Thursdays.

PS – It took so frickin’ long to draw all these bricks.

4 thoughts to “Evil”

  1. Frickin bricks! I’ll miss my #TuniaTuesdays but look forward to seeing what other creativity will sprout in its place.

  2. I was wondering if you might consider putting a “latest page” link to the front page of the website?

    I hope you’re able to get back some creativity and reduce your stress!

  3. Hi Sara – thanks (re creativity/stress). I am hoping this will be a lot better, but I tend to switch things around from time to time. Who knows? Maybe I will go back to twice a week or something completely different.

    Good idea about the home page. I actually ended up switching it back to how it was before. I think the landing page idea was too confusing. Sorry about that!

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