Sorry Nick

I started reading some romance comics and I’m generating my own opinions on how to do romance well in comics. It’s easier said than done! Let me know if you have any thoughts about what I did here. There was some build up in earlier chapters, and now this. Did you want Petunia and Nick to get together? Were you surprised by what he did here? Do you still want them to get together? Do you think Petunia is ready for a serious relationship?

3 thoughts to “Sorry Nick”

  1. I think Nick was way, way out of line to pull this “next level” thing. I was somewhat shipping them while he was supportive through all her bad dates, etc. Seemed like a reasonable guess as to where things were “intended” to go in the comic, too.

    The fact that I like Nick (or have, up to now) makes me hope that he’s just really hopelessly clueless about how relationships work, and not an opportunistic creeper that figured he could take advantage of her if he could get her onto his turf.

    Another reaction, I guess, would be disappointment for Petunia, because (unless this somehow gets worked out) she’s losing what up to now has been a reliable friend.

    Still shaking my head at the cringeworthiness of that “next level” dialog…uuuuuugh why can’t she just find someone normal (or even paranormal) that she likes and is decent to her.

    (Just to make it clear, none of the above is critical of the writing; I’m just giving you an idea of how I’m responding to what the characters are saying and doing.)

    1. Thank you Msouth! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. I didn’t interpret it as a criticism of the writing, don’t worry. Obviously I am hoping for a certain amount of cringing.

      At the end of the day, romance is a big part of this story, so I will not be ignoring Petunia’s heart going forward! We shall see what happens! Haha.

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