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  1. You still have to tell us the story*, even if you don’t draw it.

    * This is in the fine print of the creator/reader relationship, a lot of people don’t notice it, don’t feel bad.

    1. Ok ok. But there’s too much to tell! I was at the coffee shop for a while (working) so I heard a LOT. They were just meeting for the first time via an online dating site. He almost immediately jumped right into talking about having children and the pressure he’s getting from his family to do so. Surprisingly, she seemed fairly cool with that. Then they moved onto talking about previous relationships, LARPing, contra dancing, board game design, and more. He talked a lot more than she did. Overall, it seemed like they were compatible and it was a good date, but it may have been possible that she was just being polite. It definitely seemed like he was good to go with the relationship (haha).

      1. You are awesome. Thank you!

        A couple that I am related to rather indirectly (something like step-in-laws) met via an online site. I talked to her at Christmas and she was talking about how it was such a huge benefit of the system that you already had want/not want indicated on your profile as far as kids, marriage, (even smoking!) etc. Which you normally can’t comfortably bring up until six months in. If they were talking about larping and board game design, you can bet they were geeks, which puts them more in the “I have no patience with useless small talk” category.

        (In short, I’m using this story to reinforce several of my previously held views, which is how we grow. So thanks! 😀 )

        1. Hey! Yes, I agree completely. I think the Internet can emphasize and improve a lot of aspects of “normal” life. Some people look down on Internet relationships for example, but I think it’s great. I have made real friends online. I don’t think the Internet makes them any less “real” or any less important. I know some people would disagree with me though.

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