Petunia: Paranormal Private Eye

It’s been four long months, but Petunia is still here and with a new swanky hairstyle. Her bangs clearly grow quickly 😛 Even after all this time she’s still thinking about what happened with Tinsel and whatever happened with her hand that incinerated those creepy Petunia clones.

Things are looking up, however. Petunia is opening her brand new office! The business is official. Petunia: Paranormal Private Eye is here for all your supernatural needs. If you’re being haunted, call Petunia. If you’re dealing with some sort of demon, call Petunia. If you or a loved one is stuck between several planes of existence, call Petunia. She’s here for you when it comes to almost anything that science can’t explain.

I hope you’re all as excited for this new chapter as I am. We will be learning a lot about Petunia’s past and hopefully more about who Petunia’s become since then. I’ll stop there before I spoil something. Please keep reading! 🙂

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