His Name is Tinsel

Tinsel. His name is TINSEL. This guy has been in my head for soooo long now. It’s great to finally get him on paper. At first I didn’t like him, but… there’s just something about his eyes.

Anyway, I don’t know why I can’t make normal people in this comic! Julian, and now these guys. It’s not like I know people who act like these characters. There must be something in my life experience that brought me to make these characters, but I’m honestly not sure where they come from. I often worry that people will read the comic and assume that I think all guys are weird jerks and that Petunia will eventually be with someone who is like me, the author. I guess I worry about that because I often feel that way when reading other people’s stuff. They make the hero just like them or the love interest just like them! I suppose it’s natural. Regardless, I am trying to make that not the case here. Please know that I put a lot of effort into making the characters very unique.

Still, you have to admit that single people often talk about their dating lives in this way. The characters they meet are often so off-the-wall and incompatible. That’s the horrible reality for many single people isn’t it? Everyone awesome is in a relationship and all the other single people are super weird. Personally I think it seems that way because people want to find 100% compatibility in a person (and they should have high standards). So from that point of view, maybe the Julians, Bryans, Vincents, Justins, and Tinsels are my way of depicting that feeling that people have. When I first came up with the idea of Petunia, that was big. I immediately knew that she would be a perpetually single girl who just can’t seem to find love. I have known a lot of people like that in my life, so I guess that’s where part of Petunia comes from.

Speaking of the weird dates, I am not going to tell you what happened with Justin. You’ll just have to make up your own mind about that one.

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  1. “So…hi, let’s just go straight to the courthouse and swear out a restraining order for you, shall we?”

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