Tired of Dates

You know it’s a bad date when you are having an intense inner monologue instead of a friendly dialogue. I don’t know what it is, but after I drew this guy he immediately reminded me of a combination of Woody Harrelson and Larry Butz from the Phoenix Wright games. He definitely has a Butz thing going on, but that was unintentional. Maybe the Woody Harrelson thing is just because he has a big piece of sushi in his mouth. He’s got that little Harrelson crooked mouth dealio and his nose points downward in a Harrelson-manner.

I’m happy for Petunia! Her work is doing well. There have been lots of new clients (some of which you will meet soon). Overall things are great. There is one exception, however, and it’s her love life. It’s always her love life, isn’t it? She can figure out so many crazy mysteries, but love just isn’t one of them.

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