One of my comic friends and I are thinking about starting up a local network of comic creators. We already get together and draw in cafes and stuff, so really we just need a name! I’m not sure what extra value the network would bring to the table yet, but maybe it could provide resources for local creators down the road. It could also be an actual studio, where comic artists in the area get together and have their own desk.

I have been approached by many people about coworking spaces and almost joined a few. It’s definitely a commitment and I’m not sure how I want that experience to go down. Do you guys have any thoughts about coworking and collaboration?

Speaking of which, my brother and sister-in-law are working on a new comic. I am really excited about it. They are both very creative and talented. She would be doing the art and he would be doing the writing. I will share a link to the comic once it is up and published for sure.

8 thoughts to “A/S/L?”

  1. It was a huge relief to read the first panel–it’s terrible how often our insecurity or lack of self esteem or whatever blind us to the utter jerktitude of the jerky jerks in our lives.

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