Mystic Allegiance

Welcome to Mystic Allegiance! It’s a small store that sells various things that relate to spirituality, most non-Christian religions, faeries, etc. etc. They also have psychic readings and tarot card readings by their resident psychic, Julian (AKA Sara’s boyfriend).

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If you haven’t donated on Patreon and enjoy this comic or Nonsense Thoughts, please consider throwing a buck or two per month my way. I always want my comics to be published for free online, but would love to pay the bills with my art someday 🙂

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More on Comic Drawing…

It was fun drawing this comic even though it’s very hard for me to do establishing shots. I often wonder if I should do more of those, especially establishing shots from further away than you see here. Like, a shot of the street with lots of other people walking around. I love drawing characters and faces so much. I rarely would draw anything else as a teen. That has made it a struggle to plan out big scenes. I also have trouble with movement and body positions. I can draw them pretty well from life or looking at pictures, but I am trying to take as much out of my head as possible for this comic. I’m practicing a lot, so hopefully I will get a lot better at the things I’m not happy with.

Graphic Novels and Inspiration

I have a bunch of ideas for graphic novels I want to write/draw in the future, so I hope Petunia will help me grow into my ideal style. Big inspirations for me are Eddie Campbell (you might be able to tell), Hideki Mori, and Jeff Lemire. I also have learned a lot from Scott McCloud. My awesome brother and sister-in-law got me a couple of his books about making comics, and they are very helpful. If you have any interest in drawing comics, I would highly suggest Making Comics and Understanding Comics. I have also gotten some recommendations from other comic artist friends, but have yet to check that stuff out yet. I’ll be sure to tell you about it after I experience it.

I hope you like this page of Paranormal Petunia. I’m excited to show you what happens next. Thank you to everyone who has been reading. It means a lot!

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