Flexible Job Description

Not expecting a new comic today? Well good news, I am planning on publishing two new pages a week for the time being. I will be shooting for Tuesday and Sunday. I have had so many idea about this story, with new plot points coming every day. Maybe it’s something in the water I am drinking, but Petunia’s story is really coming to life for me now. I keep having revelations about the ending of the story. I’m glad the pace is so slow in actually putting it down on paper, because it gives me a lot of time to think.

You may have noticed that Petunia’s character design, and sometimes the art style of the whole comic, has changed a bit. I feel weird about it, but I have been experimenting and trying to grow into a style that I can stick with through the end of the comic. It’s probably way more noticeable for me because I spend so much time on these drawings. It reminds me of how I used to read Garfield and the first Garfield drawings were so different from the rest of the comic. In the early days, Garfield was extremely large and had a much different face. Maybe that’s what’s happening for me. I have to find my Garfield in Petunia.

Anyway, I like the Petunia design we see here on this page and the previous page. I think it suits her personality and I definitely like it. You may also have noticed the occasional panels that feature more realistic drawings. Others are more stylized. I’ve always enjoyed that in comics and cartoons. For me, it gives depth and makes the world seem very real without sacrificing the stylized look of other panels. I also think it provides a sharp contrast which will hopefully add to the story. I am excited to use this technique much later when things get a little creepier.

Some thoughts about this character, Sara. She’s definitely inspired by some of my own clients and people I have met. I decided earlier today that she works as one of those jewelry salespeople who host jewelry parties. Weirdly, she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry herself. She’s a very good salesperson, as you can see here with the pressure she’s putting on Petunia to work for her. The job is definitely outside of Petunia’s normal scope. She doesn’t work with psychics and she’s not a psychic herself. Sara found Petunia online and assumed she could do what her boyfriend does, or at least something similar.

By the way, the world Petunia lives in is not familiar with paranormal stuff. I hope you gathered that after reading her exchange with Lewis and Myra. Petunia is definitely an odd duck in her community because most people don’t believe in this kind of thing. I mean, you would probably roll your eyes if you saw an ad for a Paranormal Private Eye in your town. However, it might be the first place you’d call if something paranormal started happening to you. These are the people Petunia deals with every day. Sara is different though… perhaps desperate for answers and willing to call anyone? I guess we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Responding to the process comments–you should check out “My life with Fel”. The author actually draws the comic in whatever style he is feeling like at the moment (http://www.mylifewithfel.com/ ) and it’s really awesome. I’m saying this because sometimes people worry about staying consistent or whatever, and I want to encourage the direction you’re going where you don’t feel too “stuck” with however it looked before. Fans, I think, are generally totally happy to let the style/characters evolve, and the more you like what you’re doing with it *right now*, the easier it will be for you to keep doing the hard work of drawing it. Which is what is most important to us :).

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