c06-p03 Power


c06-p03 Power

I’m back from my trip and drawing regularly again! More pages are on the way.

c06-p02 But Who Is She?

But Who is She?

c06-p02 But Who Is She?

I’m really excited. Part Two is going to get a lot bigger and personal for Petunia. I hope you’ll enjoy where this goes.

c05-p84 She's Coming for You

She’s Coming for You

c05-p84 She's Coming for You

Petunia Will Return in January

That’s it! This is the end of Chapter Five and also the end of Part One. It’s always good to end on a cliffhanger 😛

I’m taking a little break because readership is always low around the holidays and I also need some time to work on the print version of Part One (which I will be bringing to conventions)!

Some Things to Look Out for Until Then:

  • The print version of book one! (probably featuring extra content and pages)
  • I am planning on posting a holiday short featuring Petunia!
  • Weekly updates of my other comic Nonsense Thoughts
  • New royalty-free music releases by me on Indie Music Box

I’ll be busy! If you’d like, you can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram as well. I often share stuff there. Oh, and I sometimes stream video games (and maybe artwork?!) on Twitch.

Petunia will be back soon and I promise that the story is going to get crazy!

Local Spots

Petunia lives in a town right near where I live, in Northampton, Massachusetts. Of course, it’s a fictional version of Northampton, but there are some spots in the comic that are versions of real places. If you are in the area, you should check these out: