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Part One is out and available! Below is an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

Petunia Tries Online Dating

c04-p01 Later That Evening

c04-p04 Muscular Torso

c04-p05 Back at Nickels

c04-p06 Click Click Click Click Click

c04-p08 Foster Care Child

c04-p09 Michelle

c04-p10 And He Never Came Back

c04-p11 A Familiar Face

c04-p12 Petunia Meets a New Man

c04-p13 Meet Jack

c04 p14 What's it like being a paranormal investigator?

c04-p15 Story Time With Petunia

c04-p16 Buzz Buzz!

c04-p17 The Pushbroom

c04-p18 Petunia's Great Day

c04-p19 Tired of Dates

The Deep V

c04-p22 What is Testosterone?

c04-p23 Epic Confrontation

c04-p24 Ice Cream Date

c04-p25 Time to Play Therapist

c04-p26 You've Been in Love

c04-p27 Garbage

c04-p28 He is Garbage

c04-p29 To Cancel, or Not to Cancel

c04-p30 His Name is Tinsel

c04-p31 Frequency Modulation

c04-p32 Automobile Record Player

c04-p33 Présage

c04-p34 Dancing Machine

c04-p35 Those Eyes

c04-p36 Seeking Backup

c04-p37 Privacy Please

c04-p38 A Swift Kick to the Face

c04-p39 Aw, Crap!

c04-p40 Army of One

c04-p41 The Thud of a Head

c04-p42 I Feel Stretched

c04-p43 Ben, it Happened Again...

c04-p44 Did anyone else see you?

c04-p45 "She"

c04-p46 Farewell Tinsel

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