Next Please

c06-p23 Next Please

And the timelines converge!

Sorry Ben hasn’t been in this chapter yet. I want to reassure you all that he didn’t actually die in the holiday special.

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Oh my…

c06-p19 Oh my...

I’m back from PAX East! It was a great time! I played a ton of new video games, attended panels, and explored the massive convention floor. My wife and I really enjoy going to PAX every year. I’d say my favorite part was getting to play a bunch of indie video games. I bought a cool game called The Frostrune and I’m going to buy some other ones that I tried. Not all of the games I liked are out yet.

Any guesses about what Jack has discovered?

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Surprise Visitor

c05-p46 Surprise Visitor

Sorry for the wait on a new page, but taking a short break was quite revitalizing. It’s a good thing to take a break now and then with creative stuff. It’s easy to get a little burnt out. Sometimes I go on auto-pilot for a while.

Anyway, this page felt good! I’m really excited about what’s coming in the story. This is a significant moment right here!

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