But Who is She?

c06-p02 But Who Is She?

I’m really excited. Part Two is going to get a lot bigger and personal for Petunia. I hope you’ll enjoy where this goes.

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Let Go

c05-p76 Let Go

I have to remember to do more background/establishing shots.¬†Otherwise I’ll just keep drawing closeups of peoples faces and hands. I can’t help myself.

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c05-p67 Pushed

I’m not sure if there’s a lot of Petunia in me. I try to prevent my characters from becoming too much like anyone, especially myself. Still, I think it’s impossible not to add a little of yourself into your stories and characters.

When I outlined Petunia as a character a while ago some of her defining characteristics were: motivated, loyal, and serious. I guess I would also add romantic and damaged to that list now…

I really wonder how other people interpret these characters. I don’t think I’m really pushing a lot of their traits town your throat, am I? Someone told me once that they all seem pretty normal, despite the weird stuff going on. I suppose that’s good! I want them to be relatable, but I also don’t want them to be boring. Let me know if you have any feedback.

OH, and I really want to know what people think Petunia’s eye and hair colors are. I heard one interpretation and was very surprised. I guess that can happen when a comic is in black and white.

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The Tower

c05-p66 The Tower

What, will you go unto the Tower, my lord?

My lord protector needs will have it so.

I shall not sleep in quiet at the Tower.

Why, what should you fear?

Marry, my uncle Clarence’ angry ghost:
My grandam told me he was murdered there.

– Richard III, William Shakespeare

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