A Charming Town

c06-p35 A Charming Town

I’m getting over a bit of illness right now. I’m actually surprised I managed to stay on schedule with comic updates. Fingers crossed this leaves my system by tomorrow.

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Sorry Nick

c06-p16 Sorry Nick

I started reading some romance comics and I’m generating my own opinions on how to do romance well in comics. It’s easier said than done! Let me know if you have any thoughts about what I did here. There was some build up in earlier chapters, and now this. Did you want Petunia and Nick to get together? Were you surprised by what he did here? Do you still want them to get together? Do you think Petunia is ready for a serious relationship?

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Hot Stuff

c06-p14 Hot Stuff

Those awkward moments where life decides to get even more awkward, just because…

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Thorough Introspection

c05-p82 Thorough Introspection

I’m feeling quite thankful for this experience as I near the end of Part One of Paranormal Petunia. Thank you to everyone who reads this comic. I hope Part Two will be fun to read. I am excited for it.

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