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Paranormal Petunia is back! And so am I… We had an amazing wedding and an amazing honeymoon in LONDON. It was a blast. Much history and art was observed. Thanks to everyone for being patient in waiting for a new page. I say that assuming you are all still here, of course. I hope you are, ’cause there’s a lot coming. I have the next two chapters completely planned out. I can’t tell you much, but I can say that things will get darker and maybe even scarier. We’ll see.

Oh yeah, you may have noticed that I edited the header of the page and added some pages. I put in a fan art page, but there’s currently only one entry. If you would like to draw some Petunia stuff, please email me your drawings and I will most likely put one on the page with a link to whatever you want.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about Petunia’s journey into Internet dating. Have you ever given online dating a try? Any stories I can use as inspiration?

Peace, friends!

P.S. If you are a newcomer and don’t know who Lewis Crotty is, read starting from here.

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3 thoughts to “Seeking Search Results”

  1. Wooohoo! London! I’m vicariously really happy for you. I got to do a bit of a whirlwind tour on my way from X to Y and I really loved it. I’m so happy that you got to go and experience it. Congratulations! (Not just on the honeymoon but getting married and all, too 🙂 ).

    1. Thanks so much, man! I really appreciate all the support you’ve given via comments and stuff. I’m also pleased to see that you’ve returned to read more. I hope you like where the story goes. We’re going to get a little deeper into Petunia’s mind/personality soon.

      And yes, London was the best! It was truly an adventure. We were sad to leave.

      Thanks again! Peace!

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