Stay Tuned for the Rest of the Story!

Stay Tuned for the Rest of the Story!

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting more online, but I thought it was only right to finish out the rest of the scene I was in the middle of. I also wanted to let you all know that the rest of the graphic novel is moving forward steadily. If you want to find out when it’s done, fill out the form below and I will email you when the book is ready to go!

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Break Your Chains

c06-p46 Break Your Chains

Hey! So I’ve decided to finish Paranormal Petunia in private. I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. Some of which include negative comments I’ve received online and the speed in which I am able to pump out pages online. I’m actually hoping I’ll be able to finish the final graphic novel a LOT sooner by doing it this way. I think the final product will be a lot better too. I’d much rather write/outline/draw full chapters at once rather than publish single pages at a time.

I’ve thought a lot about this decision. I’m sorry if it comes as a disappointment to the few loyal readers I do have! Please know that I appreciate your readership! I hope you’ll check back with me on social media or on my main website ( in order to get the full graphic novel when it’s done!

Wish me luck! I’m off to start sketching out the rest of the story!

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Masked Reality

c06-p43 Masked Reality

MeCAF was great last weekend! Thank you to all the people who stopped by my table to read and buy some comics. I was very surprised with how well the show went. I’m looking forward to doing more shows like that in the future!

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c06-p42 Blackout

Come see me at MeCAF today!

Below are some images showing the convention and where I will be!

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A Familiar Voice

c06-p39 A Familiar Voice

Hey! Thanks for being patient with this update. The weekly posting schedule feels really good so far. This page was fun and effortless to draw, which is unusual because I was feeling so rushed and overworked before. I think this schedule will work much better. I hope you don’t mind.

Also, I started experimenting with watercolor paints! Can you notice? I used to use Prismacolor art markers for the kind of “wash” feel in my comics, but they are expensive and not super flexible. The watercolor washes are super fun to do. I like it a lot. I need to learn more about watercolor technique, but for now it works well as a simple grayscale wash.

Have a great weekend!

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c06-p38 Evil

Hey – I’m making a change to my posting schedule. I’ve just been so overworked lately and my creativity has been suffering. I think I am going to try updating weekly for the time being (instead of twice per week). I’ll be posting a new page on Saturdays starting this week. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll also be posting one of my other comics on Tuesdays on Twitter and Instagram as well as releasing a new piece of music on Indie Music Box on Thursdays.

PS – It took so frickin’ long to draw all these bricks.

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c06-p37 Chase!

If a little girl is afraid of you, it may not be best to chase her, Petunia.

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