A Familiar Voice

c06-p39 A Familiar Voice

Hey! Thanks for being patient with this update. The weekly posting schedule feels really good so far. This page was fun and effortless to draw, which is unusual because I was feeling so rushed and overworked before. I think this schedule will work much better. I hope you don’t mind.

Also, I started experimenting with watercolor paints! Can you notice? I used to use Prismacolor art markers for the kind of “wash” feel in my comics, but they are expensive and not super flexible. The watercolor washes are super fun to do. I like it a lot. I need to learn more about watercolor technique, but for now it works well as a simple grayscale wash.

Have a great weekend!

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c06-p38 Evil

Hey – I’m making a change to my posting schedule. I’ve just been so overworked lately and my creativity has been suffering. I think I am going to try updating weekly for the time being (instead of twice per week). I’ll be posting a new page on Saturdays starting this week. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll also be posting one of my other comics on Tuesdays on Twitter and Instagram as well as releasing a new piece of music on Indie Music Box on Thursdays.

PS – It took so frickin’ long to draw all these bricks.

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c06-p37 Chase!

If a little girl is afraid of you, it may not be best to chase her, Petunia.

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A Charming Town

c06-p35 A Charming Town

I’m getting over a bit of illness right now. I’m actually surprised I managed to stay on schedule with comic updates. Fingers crossed this leaves my system by tomorrow.

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No Service

c06-34 No Service

Hey, I don’t know if any of you followed my other comic, Nonsense Thoughts, but I have decided to retire that comic. Instead of NT I will be posting a lot of new comics in that style on social media. I had been doing Nonsense Thoughts for eight years and want a change. Here’s the latest comic if you’re interested! 😀

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Not OK

c06-p33 Not OK

I just got an email that I was accepted as an exhibitor at MICE in Cambridge, MA this year. MICE is always an amazing show. I remember attending the expo years ago and being so impressed with everything and everyone there. It’s hard to believe that I will be attending this year. I’m very grateful!

I hope to see you there! I will also be at MeCAF next month!

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c06-p32 Hung

I’m at a “meet the author” event this week at the Wilbraham Public Library. It’s my hometown! It will be so weird to be back there in such a different context.

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Something is Different

c06-p30 Something is Different

Thirty pages into Chapter 6 and we’re getting into some weird stuff. I’ve been very excited about drawing this chapter for a long time. I keep running through the upcoming scenes in my head.

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